d-lusion MJ Studio.
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started with the upcoming of MP3s in the year 1997, a software for playing music on student parties was developed, called: MJ. A first public release was available in the year 98. MJ had two decks where you could play back mp3s, pitch, scratch and mix them with automatic beat detection - a complete virtual dj solution, including a mixer with 3-band equalizer with pre-hearing. Further it had a comfortable playlist with ID3 support and an autoplay feature which could play back your mp3s seamlessly.
Potential interesting 3rd party stuff.
Landport MJ.
Landport MJ screenshot One of d-lusions favorite retail version. Sold by Landport in the japanese market with japanese installation routines and a japanese package. Very nice business people!
AIM MP3DeeJay.
AIM MP3DeeJay screenshot The AIM version of MJ. This time with a completely new graphical user interface. This was mainly done because the technology was available within d-lusion and had to be proofed.
BHV MJ screenshot This was a somewhat "in-between" retail version of MJ, since the product manager at BHV wouldn't wait until the full-featured version of MJ was implemented. The package designer really gave everything!
BHV MJXStream.
BHV MJXStream screenshot The "full-version" of MJ. Somewhat better package-design, featuring the world famous Miss Shiva!