i hear annoying crackling and popping noises when playing a second song. what's going on ?
your machine seems to be a little too slow to run this kind of highly sophisticated software or the soundcard drivers you are using have been coded in bangalore. but you can try to correct this by increasing the buffersize in the MJ Studio soundcard setup.
anyway, we would suggest to use directx sound drivers since the latency is far better. you have to install directx on your system first though.
my soundcard works perfectly with other programs, but when i start i get the error "can not open output device". what am i doing wrong ?
we tried to test the application on a great variety of soundcards and driver. but some old or very exotic soundcard drivers will just not work correctly with the program. in this case please get the newest driver version from your vendor or try to install directx.
where the heck is the soundcard setup dialog?
it's well hidden in the windows system menu. click on the icon in the upper left corner of the MJ Studio window and select "soundcard setup".
it seems that some files are not played correctly. what's wrong?
the file format is probably wrong. MJ Studio only supports mpeg audio layer 3 files with 128kbit, 44khz rate.
the bpm detection doesn't work properly and it jumps significantly in some songs. is this a bug?
MJ Studio uses a very fast bpm detection routine based on a stochastic model. nevertheless, bpm detection will not work on all songs. house and techno songs with a clear basedrum will work best of course.