MicroEd!t screenshot This product was the first job d-lusion did as a contractor in 1997. It was part of the microWAVE PC what was the first real wavetable synthesizer for PC developed by Waldorf Electronics and Terratec Promedia. microWAVE PC was exclusively designed to replace the 5ΒΌ" expansion module of the Terratec AudioSystem EWS64 L/XL and contained the complete electronics of the famous Waldorf microWAVE II. In addition, the microWAVE PC integrated the digital- and MIDI-interface of the EWS soundcards. Microed!t was the control software shipped with the synthesizer and simulated the interface of the Waldorf MicrowaveXT (including all 44 knobs and 10 buttons as well as the whole menu hierarchy).
Potential interesting 3rd party stuff.