MJ Studio description
started with the upcoming of MP3s in the year 1997, a software for playing music on student parties was developed, called: MJ. A first public release was available in the year 98. MJ had two decks where you could play back mp3s, pitch, scratch and mix them with automatic beat detection - a complete virtual dj solution, including a mixer with 3-band equalizer with pre-hearing. Further it had a comfortable playlist with ID3 support and an autoplay feature which could play back your mp3s seamlessly.
Potential interesting 3rd party stuff.

MJ Studio comes for free. Unrestriced, unlimited for personal use (meaning: no distribution of the software, etc. without an agreement; but feel free to use it for any songs/gigs that you'd like to), no strings attached! Therefore we can't be held responsible for anything MJ Studio may damage (this includes your future hearing ability), use absolutely at your own risk!

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Anyway, have fun!

Download MJ Studio 1.09!