Rubberduck description

Rubberduck is a virtual acid and techno software-synthesizer for your pc. Its whole concept is based on the legendary cult synthesizer Roland TB-303.

  • Standalone software synthesizer
  • 5 standard oscillators
  • Dual oscillator model including "morphing"
  • Realtime resonant filters
  • Great user interface & skin support
  • Frequency and volume envelopes
  • 256 notes step sequencer
  • Sound effects: hall, reverb, distortion
  • 16bit 44.1 khz CD quality
  • Midi support
  • .wav rendering option.wav rendering option
  • Groove section for drumloops
Potential interesting 3rd party stuff.


Rubberduck comes for free. Unrestriced, unlimited for personal use (meaning: no distribution of the software, etc. without an agreement; but feel free to use it for any songs/gigs that you'd like to), no strings attached! Therefore we can't be held responsible for anything Rubberduck may damage (this includes your future hearing ability), use absolutely at your own risk!

If you like this software, please consider sending a small donation via PayPal.

Anyway, have fun!

Download Rubberduck 2.12!